46 new stores: from Jessops to Tickled Tache

As May comes to an end, we have 46 more stores for you to raise funds at.

We welcome back Jessops after a spell in administration. Saved by Peter Jones of Dragons’ Den fame, they’re donating up to 2.5%.

Other great brands include luxury luggage brand Antler (donating 5%), Legoland Windsor (up to 5%) and the official Liverpool FC Store (up to 4%)

We’d also like to highlight Tickled Tache – partly because they have a brilliant name, but also because they’ll be great for Father’s Day, which is only a few weeks away.

The full list is below, and remember – you can view all our 2,400+ stores on our website. If there’s one missing that you’d like to see, please let us know.


Comet SaleDonates up to 2.50% Fone RecyclersDonates up to £0.75 JessopsDonates up to 2.50% Sonic DirectDonates up to 1.50% UK Digital CamerasDonates up to 2.00%


ArtigianoDonates up to 3.00% CelebBoutiqueDonates up to 4.00% Desert BootsDonates up to 4.00% Frank and FaithDonates up to 5.00% Lingray WatchesDonates up to 5.00%
Monica VinaderDonates up to 5.00% MYO FashionDonates up to 7.50% Nicole FarhiDonates up to 6.50% Northern ThreadsDonates up to 2.50% Norton BarrieDonates up to 3.50%
The UK EditDonates up to 4.50% Weekend OffenderDonates up to 4.00%

Health and Beauty

ExantedietDonates up to 6.00% RodialDonates up to 5.00% Spirit of NatureDonates up to 7.50% Tickled TacheDonates up to 2.50%


Club 18-30Donates up to 2.50% FC-MotoDonates up to 5.00% John Fowler HolidaysDonates up to 3.00% LegolandDonates up to 5.00% Travel InteractionDonates up to 2.00%

Finance, Insurance and Selling

Allianz Musical InsuranceDonates up to 5.00% People's Postcode LotteryDonates up to £2.00 RAC European InsuranceDonates up to 5.00% ZapperDonates up to 5.00%


The Game CollectionDonates up to 2.00% FlowerfeteDonates up to 7.50% Highland TitlesDonates up to 7.50% Temptation GiftsDonates up to 2.50%

Home and Cooking

AntlerDonates up to 5.00% Meal2GoDonates up to 2.50% Modern RugsDonates up to 3.50%


DebenuDonates up to 10.00% Delivery Quote CompareDonates up to 10.00% PaylevenDonates up to £12.50


CG GolfDonates up to 2.00% Liverpool FCDonates up to 4.00% VIVOBAREFOOTDonates up to 4.00%

Mobile Phones

FamilyMobileDonates up to £0.75 Go MobileDonates up to £37.50 Monster TelecomDonates up to £3.75