Best Halloween Costumes for Kids with Next-Day Delivery


Good parenting is not always about preparation; sometimes it’s simply about coming up with last-minute solutions to problems before your kids have the chance to melt down. Take Halloween, for example. It shouldn’t come as a surprise – it’s the same date every year – but the need for a costume can come as a horrifying surprise to some busy parents who have been far more focussed on earning enough to pay the ballet bills or not forgetting one of the kids in the supermarket rather than on which skeleton mask would look best. Thankfully, next-day delivery can provide the solution to preventing tantrums more terrifying than anything you might see on Halloween. To help you out even more, we’ve trawled the web for some of the best costumes around which could be whizzed to you almost faster than you can say trick or treat. Take a look.

Amazon is always going to be a good place to start in a search for those things that you need quickly but simply forgot to buy. There are lots of express-delivery options around, and if you sign up for Prime you can prepare for buying last-minute Christmas presents as well thanks to the free and unlimited one-day delivery perk. If you do have Prime, remember to filter your search results to ensure you’re shown the Halloween outfits that should arrive with time to spare. Alternatively, don’t even bother searching and just check out the Christy’s Boys Ghastly Ghoul Costume, from £12.46, or the Miss Matched Witch Girls Fancy Dress Costume, from £16.49. Another option is to have a look at the ranges on offer from specialist fancy dress shops, most of which seem to cater for the ‘I really need it now’ crowd. Have a look at the likes of Simply Fancy Dress, where you can pay £9.99 for one- to two-day delivery, or £5.99 if you have two or three days to spare before you need that £23.99 Zombie Costume or £15.99 Monster High outfit. At Fancy Dress Ball, you should get your purchase within five days if you pay £4.99 and within three days for £6.95. Or you can opt to pay £9.95 for guaranteed next-day delivery. There are lots of costume choices available, ranging from the quirky – and very green – £12.99 Child Alien Costume to the super-cool Dead Man Rockin’ Children’s Costume, priced at £28.99.

If you want the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your purchases will be, and when, you could try the click-and-collect options available from many big name retailers. Delivery to stores is usually super-quick, and most won’t even charge you for the privilege. You just need to make sure that you’ve got time to do the collecting, or all that clicking will have been in vain. If this is the best way for you to solve your Halloween nightmare, check out costumes like the £25 Travis Designs Blue Monster Dressing-Up Costume, which you can collect from John Lewis or Waitrose stores, or the hot Dragon Costume from M&S, priced between £14 and £16 depending on the size. If you’re looking for really cheap options, however, Tesco can help transform your little one into Dracula for just £7 or a Corpse Bride for a tenner. Asda has a great Monster Hooded Party Dress for £8 or a Light-Up Pumpkin Fancy Dress Outfit, which also has an £8 price tag and is available to collect in-store. Just order before 7pm and your choice should be available to collect after 5pm the next day. Panic over. Now all you have to do is buy the sweets, get some decorations, put up the decorations, find a bucket for apple bobbing, make some Halloween cakes, find the sweet-collecting buckets you’ve been using as plant pots and sort out a costume for yourself. A parent’s work is never done!