Buy the Best Moisturiser for Your Budget

You may be inclined to go without some of your face-care staples during the summer months (do you really need lipstick for sitting on a beach?), but there is one skin-care essential that you should never shun – your moisturiser. In fact, you will need a good skin cream more than ever to beat the effects of the sun and harsh air-conditioning systems. You’ll never be short of choice when it comes to finding a moisturiser, whatever your budget, but it can be hard to choose one that actually works. To help you out, here are our top picks right now.


High-End Options | You might ask yourself if it is worth paying out £60 or £70 for a moisturiser. Sadly, we can’t help you with a straightforward yes or no to this dilemma, but we can say that it can be worth spending more if you have particularly problematic skin. If your skin is generally in good condition and doesn’t require much maintenance, then you can probably get away with the cheapest options, but if you suffer from very dry skin, blemishes or combination skin, you may be better off spending a little more.

The Infusion de Rose Nourishing Cream by Laura Mercier, £55 from House of Fraser, contains rose-hip seed oil (a really trendy ingredient right now) and is ideal for skin that needs plenty of nourishment and people who want help in turning back the hands of time – on their skin at least. This is a really fast-acting product that locks in moisture and effectively balances out the different areas of your skin. Crème de Rose by Terry, priced at £69 from Space NK, is another excellent rose-hip-inspired choice. It offers excellent anti-ageing results by smoothing and plumping and can make your skin feel great even after a day spent by the sea.


Mid-Price ChoicesUna Brennan’s Superfacialist products, available from Boots, have really got the experts – and women on the street – talking. It’s a skin-care range that is packed full of rosy oils, such as £14.99 Superfacialist Rose Miracle Makeover Facial Oil and serums like the £14.99 Neroli Intense Facial Serum that boast price tags as impressive as their performance. If you suffer from particularly dry skin, the £16.99 Superfacialist Rose Peaceful Night Cream is the ideal choice. Use it throughout the day to make your skin feel soft, smooth and supple.

Bargain BuysWeleda Skin Food is a tasty treat for your face and body and costs just £8.60 from Amazon. This is a fashion-show favourite that has been used since 1926 and is the perfect rescue remedy if you see yourself in the mirror and think you look like you were born in 1926 rather than that you are 26. Even cheaper, but equally as popular with those in the know, is Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter, a steal at just £3.09, or try out 2015’s award-winning night or day cream from the Lacura Expert Mimox Regeneration range at ALDI, priced at just £3.99. You could even afford to buy them all at those prices!