Go Glamping Guide – UK

Glamping in the UK is all about tasting the wilder climes of these lovely islands. Leaving behind the bustle of home and head out to the tree-dressed Pennines or salt-washed Welsh coast. Read on to get some ...

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Happy Desk Edit

Never dread Monday again. It’s true: you spend a lot of time at your desk. And despite pouring hours into decorating your home, we bet your desk could still use a little love? A few well-curated accessories ...

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Common Cat Questions Answered

Our February 2019 featured charity, Cats Protection, have all the answers to those common cat q’s! Why does my cat stare at me? You may have subconsciously trained your cat to stare when they think they can ...

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How To Make A Cat Tent!

To celebrate Cats Protection being our February 2019 featured charity, why not treat your moggy to a cat tent with these simple steps? Cats love to hide; it helps them to feel safe, especially if something spooks ...

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