Eight Must-Have Barbecue Accessories for 2015


If you’ve ever poured a whole bottle of barbecue marinade on to a single chicken kebab or lost more of your fish to the flames then you’ve ever managed to eat, then you need to read this list of the eight must-have barbecue accessories for 2015. All of these can make cooking outdoors easier, cleaner and more fun, leaving you with more time to relax in the sun and enjoy that well-earned icy drink.


  1. Napoleon 2 in1 Wok and Beer Can Chicken roaster, £17.99. Roast a chicken whilst cooking some vegetables in the same pan. Who knew creating a Sunday roast could be as easy as sitting outside on a sunny afternoon, sipping a glass of wine and watching your meal cook itself, without having to worry about more than the minimal amount of washing-up?
  2. BBQ Genius Bottle Top Baster, £6.25. Forget dripping basting brushes and the contents of bottles that come out all at once after 15 minutes of refusing to budge, as this handy little device simply slips on to your marinade bottle and you’re good to go. Genius!
  3. Weber Gourmet Pizza Stone, £43.99. This just slips on top of your gas barbecue burner and you’ll have perfect pizza in no time at all. Who says barbecuing is all about burgers and sausages? Just be careful you don’t expand your barbecue repertoire a little too much, or no one else will ever volunteer to cook again.
  4. Lakeland Barbecue ‘Frying’ Pan, £13.99. This is great if you just want to cook a small amount and don’t want the hassle of cleaning your whole barbecue grill, or if you’re preparing morsels that are likely to disappear into the fiery abyss below. It’s really simple to wash and can be used for a multitude of dishes, whether you’re cooking up a storm or just some sausages.
  5. BBTradesales Man Apron, £10.23. Batman wouldn’t leave his cave without his utility belt, and no man should head out for his annual outdoor cooking challenge without this apron. It comes complete with a tool rail for your tongs, spatula and towel, a handy bottle opener and pockets for matches, beer, ketchup, mustard and your phone. It would make great gift for the barbecue enthusiast – if you’re not too tempted to keep it for yourself.
  6. Jack Daniels Smoking Chips, £14.16. Barbecue food and Jack Daniels bourbon? Now that’s a meal. These chips will give your food a unique flavour that sure beats tones of earth, lighter fuel and the chargrilled fish you couldn’t get off the grill after the last time you cooked.
  7. BBQMaster Fish Basket, £14. Offering easy non-stick cooking and simple turning, there’s nothing fishy about the reason that seafood lovers cannot live without one of these. It’s easy to clean and simple to use, making it a perfect accessory to store with your barbecue and bring out year after year.
  8. Landman Stainless Steel BBQ Tools, £19.99. A complete set of tools that will last for years and should be able to help keep you from cooking your hands as much as the food.