HTC One M9: The Reviews

The HTC One M9 has a lot to live up to. If it had feelings (which smartphones probably will in a few years’ time), it would probably feel the same trepidation as Rory McIlroy heading to the US Open. HTC’s reputation is sky high right now thanks to the likes of the HTC One Mini and the HTC M8 and so you’ve got to wonder if the latest HTC M9 is going to be up to the challenge of at least matching the success.


On paper, the HTC One M9 certainly seems impressive enough. It’s got 3GB of RAM, is powered by Qualcomm’s 810 Snapdragon processor and it boasts an Ultra-Pixel front camera and 20-megapixel offering on the rear. It’s got some great BoomSound speakers, and its all-metal design is curvaceous and tactile. Sound good? So many phones do, but how does the HTC One M9 really stand up to everyday use? You don’t need our opinion, as here is a round-up of some of the recent reviews to help you make up your own mind.

Well, Digital Spy certainly seems to like it, judging by the five-star rating. Whilst yearning for little extras such as waterproofing and dust-proofing, this reviewer seems to have fallen a little bit in love with the M9. The responsive user interface, scratch-proof casing and the powerful camera certainly sound good, even if you’re not willing to sell your grandma for it quite yet. Maybe it could be a little thinner, but then most of us could say the same.


CNET isn’t quite as enthusiastic, although there is a consensus that the M9 is no slouch in the smartphone world. It still manages to grab four stars in the review thanks to its luxurious look and feel and good software design, but for some, it seems, it’s a bit too similar to previous efforts. Mind you, as your granny would say, ‘if it ain’t broke…’ Certainly, for this reviewer at least, the M9 still beats competitors such as the Galaxy S5 for its ease of use and super-responsive, snappy interface, although maybe the battery life and camera aren’t quite up to the needs of the more demanding user. Endgadget also takes a pop at the camera – something that made the M9 drop down to an 84 per cent review. The reviewer thinks it should be better, as should some of the design decisions. Even the BoomSound speakers don’t escape unscathed. Apparently they are ‘strangely tuned’, whatever that really means. Nevertheless, this picky phone buff cannot deny that the M9 is still extremely good, even if it doesn’t quite match the previous two One offerings.

Despite feeling as if the M9 may be more style over substance, the reviewer at TechRadar still couldn’t help but give it a four-star review. Yes, it is similar to 2014’s efforts, but there are still some genuine upgrades on offer. Whilst it’s not HTC’s most innovative moment, it was always going to be difficult to follow the ‘brilliant’ HTC One Mini and the HTC M8.