Kate’s Give as you Live Experience

Before I had a baby, I imagined it was going to be hard work. I mentally psyched myself up to endure some sleepless nights and knew that my independence would be a thing of the past, but what I wasn’t prepared for was the seemingly endless level of entertainment one little person needs.

With my daughter just about to turn six months, daytime naps have become a huge challenge and it seems like every waking minute is now consumed with trying to find an activity that keeps her safely occupied and gives me some freedom. From bouncy chairs to activity mats, I am constantly on a quest to find toys that keep her attention span and help me maintain my sanity.

So, to the web I’ve turned to find toys, read reviews and ultimately purchase them, without having to juggle the baby. Despite living in a central London location, online shopping lets me accomplish tasks at odd hours and avoid the hassle of Oxford Street-style crowds and queues. It also means I can buy lots of items – from clothing to household items – in a few minutes.

Just today, I went online and through Debenhams I bought some blocks, an activity centre and a ‘bendy bug’ – the baby swats at it to make it sway from side to side. Hopefully these will keep her entertained! I also bought a few sleepers and a cardigan to meet her ever growing needs.

Through Give as you Live, I was able to contribute to Cancer Research UK and help make a difference for a cause I believe in, without any additional cost to me. In just a few minutes, I bought some things for the little one and raised money in one seamless transaction.

Kate F.