The ‘our classics’ movie night. Featuring Jaws and Notting Hill


My boyfriend and I can never agree on what movie to watch, this flaw seems like it’s going to be a permanent fixture in our relationship. Going to the cinema is the worst, it usually ends up with us just not going!

He finds it ridiculous that I haven’t seen some of the films that he classes as ‘ultimate classics’ and I am the same with him. So we agreed that we would each get hold of a couple of our favourite films and watch them together to see if it resolves anything.

I chose Notting Hill, a DVD I already had at home. I’ve watched it at least 20 times and would be happy to watch it another 20 times!

He chose Jaws. This proved to be problematic because he couldn’t get hold of a copy anywhere, he tried Blockbuster, HMV and several other shops in town. So I suggested that we order it online through Give as you Live.

We found a copy at a reasonable price on, with free delivery and 3% of our spend going to charity, it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Now to wait for it to be delivered and let the movie night begin!