Top Five Budget-Friendly Children’s Party Ideas


Children with summer birthdays are lucky in many ways. There are endless opportunities for parties that youngsters born in the cold, wet winter months simply don’t enjoy. There’s no denying, however, that summer birthdays, especially those that fall within the school holidays, can be a financial burden at a time when parents are already struggling to keep youngsters entertained whilst still paying the bills. That doesn’t mean that little ones born in July or August have to miss out, however. There are plenty of ways you can save cash on parties whilst still making sure that your youngster has a bash to remember. To help you out, here are our five top tips for throwing a children’s birthday party without breaking the bank.

1. Make your own invitations. As long as you have a printer and access to a computer, you can download some great invitations for free from sites such as UK Entertainers or Pinterest. Netmums also have some top printable invites, as well as printable place names and thank-you notelets.

2. Save on venue costs by holding the party in your garden at home, in your local park or at the beach. This is why summer birthdays can be so much easier than winter ones. If you do want to hire a venue or entertainer, check out family deal sites such as Littlebird.

3, Little ones don’t care if their party location is decked out in the trendiest, most expensive decorations. You can grab a pack of 50 balloons from Poundland. Whilst there, pick up a disco ball, some holographic bunting, a giant birthday banner and some party poppers. All that for a fiver – now that can’t be bad.

4. Don’t go crazy with the food. Small ones are often too excited at parties to eat more than a handful of crisps and the icing off a cupcake. Try just doing two items that children can choose between. Hot dogs or pizza are always a safe bet, especially for slightly older kids. End with cupcakes and you’re on to a winner. You can pick up Tesco Everyday Value cheese and tomato pizzas for just £1.50 each or a tin of six Ye Olde Oak American Style Hot Dogs for £1.29. If you decide to go for sandwiches, keep the contents plain and think about using cookie cutters to make them a tad more interesting. Little ones will love Lakeland’s Teddy Bear Cookie Cutter, which will only set you back £1.09 and is also great for making icing shapes to go on top of the birthday cake.

5. Talking of the cake, you can save big bucks by making your own. You don’t necessarily need lots of time or baking talent, either. A really simple solution is to pick up a basic cake like Tesco’s Everyday Value Raspberry Flavoured Sponge Cake (at 58p each, you can probably afford to pick up a couple) and then choose one of the vast array of icing cake toppers available from the likes of Amazon or eBay. Just make sure you check out the size and design to make sure the cake and topper will match, or opt for a topper design that is easy to cut down to fit.