Top Ten Home Accessories to Make You Feel Fruity This Summer


If you’re not going to get the chance to spend your summer strolling down avenues lined with citrus trees, don’t despair. Just give your own home a zesty twist instead. Zara Home is putting the squeeze on the competition with a great range of citrus-inspired products, from lampshades to crockery, but there are plenty of other options as well. Here is a look at ten of the best fruity homeware items to buy right now.

Lemon Print Lampshade | You won’t even need to flick the switch to make a room feel lighter and brighter if you invest in this vibrant Zara Home lampshade. Its £29.99 price tag certainly makes it cheaper than a trip to Spain or Italy too.

Lemon Tree Dinner Plate | Who cares if you’re eating tapas or Spam fritters if you’re dining off a Louise Wilkinson plate, available from Clippings for £19.50?

Lime Acrylic Wine Glasses | Perfect for summer picnics, these £4.99 Zara Home glasses are as safe as they are snazzy. Just make sure you don’t refill them too much, or your new Louise Wilkinson plates could be seriously in danger.

Citrus Squeeze Bottle Opener | If you’d rather forgo the wine in favour of an ice-cold bottle of San Miguel or Sol, you’re going to need something to open it with. The £8 Citrus Squeeze Bottle Opener from Anthropologie has plenty of a-peel and will ensure you can always enjoy your summer slurp with a fruit wedge even if you haven’t been to a supermarket or grocers for days.

Harlequin Salvia Citrus Wallpaper | Whilst you might have your heart set on lazy days spent sipping Sol in the garden, the reality of the British summer means that it’s quite possible you will spend most of the so-called warmer months looking at your garden furniture from behind a pane of glass. You can make the pain a little easier to bear, however, by creating your own sunny haven indoors.

You could cover your walls in paper adorned with grapefruits the size of footballs or enough oranges to make the Man from Del Monte feel queasy, but things could turn sour pretty quickly as your home begins to resemble the inside of your fruit bowl. For a more subtle look, how about the exquisitely classy Harlequin Salvia Citrus Wallpaper, £48 a roll from John Lewis? There’s no doubt it will add a zesty flavour to any wall, but it’s subtle enough to live with even when the sun has gone down on this latest trend.

Orange Tree Fine Art Print | Moveable art is another great way of adding a fruity flavour to your home without making a commitment to living in an orange or lemon grove for the next year or two. Indira Albert’s orange tree print, £27 from Not on the High Street, offers a splash of modern style without being overpowering. What’s more, when this phase has passed, you could always find a place for it in the loo. Who wouldn’t appreciate spending some private time in the shade of an elegant orange tree?

Lemon Blossom Tablecloth. Even if you have to move your barbecued food indoors because those summer rain clouds have appeared, it doesn’t have to mean leaving that citrus tree dream behind. The Lemon Blossom Tablecloth, £49.99 from Zara Home, is so fresh you can almost smell the zesty aroma of the fruit, and the matching napkins, £19.99 for four, can add orchards of appeal.

Oranges Cushion | Once dinner is over, relax back on a cushion enshrined in a stunning orange-inspired cushion cover, £19.99 from Zara Home, and let your mind drift back to those avenues and their citrusy scents wafting in the air.

Arran Aromatics Citrus Shores Tall Glass Pillar Candle | Make the journey to distant shores even easier by lighting this delightfully fresh candle from Arran Aromatics, £22.50 from House of Fraser.

Mandarin Tree | Another alternative is to go for the real thing in the form of a pretty little mandarin tree, £40 from Plants4Presents. Who needs Continental avenues when you can grow your own oranges in your own living room – and in the middle of winter too?