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Our next Twitter party is for Mothers Day and is being held this Wednesday from 1-2pm. If you want to take part, but you’ve never joined in on one before, then this ‘How to’ Guide might help.

What is a Twitter Party?
A Twitter party (or a Twitter chat) is a group chat on Twitter taking place at a specified time and day of the week, either as a one -off or on a regular basis.

Twitter parties usually last for an hour and are a great way for people to discuss a topic of choice. After all, hash tags are used on Twitter to group conversations around topics, so this is a simple way of involving more people and making the conversations easier to take part in.

People will tweet with a specified hash tag (e.g. #christmas) for the party, which will be announced by the host prior to the party commencing. To take part, people simply append this hashtag to any tweet they send during the designated period and they are then taking part in the Twitter Party.

It is a great way to ignite conversation around your charity, can generate thousands of tweets and can have your charity trending worldwide. Why not join in with our next Twitter Party, #Mums4Good, to find out how it works?

@giveasyouLive’s Previous Twitter Parties
We’ve held two Twitter parties previously, #Xmastips and #Love4Good. Both were in partnership with BritMums, who are the UK’s largest and most influential network of parent bloggers.

The hashtags for both events trended in the top 3 of Twitter trends – not only in the UK but Worldwide!

How to take part
It’s easy to take part:

● Prepare some tweets prior to the day, with messages relating to the party subject. This is so you have some tweets ready to go, rather than having to think up every one on the spot
● Track the Twitter Party hashtag by doing a search before the party starts (click here for an example), and save it so that you can quickly refer back to it as and when you need to.

● To take part in the conversation, simply append the hashtag to each tweet, so that it becomes part of the Twitter party
● Remember to keep your tweets short, sweet and within 140 characters.
● Make sure you listen and respond to what other people are tweeting, rather than just sending out your own messages. It is a chat after all!
● The more you take part and tweet interesting messages using the event hashtag, the more other people will see your tweets and want to follow you, so you will get more followers – and find other interesting people to follow – as a result of the party.

Example Tweets
Here are some tweets we have prepared as examples, which you can use as guidelines for your own on the day:

1. Shop for your Mother’s Day gifts online using @giveasyoulive and raise ££ for us with no added cost (insert charity link) #Mums4Good

2. Flowers? Perfume? Chocolates? Buy your Mum the perfect gift online via @giveasyoulive & raise ££ for us (insert charity link) #Mums4Good

3. Make your Mum feel special on Mother’s Day (insert charity link) Buy the perfect gift @giveasyoulive & raise ££ for us at no extra cost

Further Questions?
That’s all there is to it, but if you have any further questions email or call us on 0800 883 8450 and we’ll be happy to help.

Please confirm that you would like to take part this Wednesday by emailing

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