The Ultimate Vegan Christmas Dinner

Finding out that your new girlfriend or boyfriend is a vegan or knowing you have to adapt your family’s Christmas dinner to meet your own dietary needs can be enough to send you into a pre-festive panic. It doesn’t have to be like that, however, as this guide to the ultimate vegan Christmas dinner will show.

The choices

It is surprisingly simple to accommodate both omnivores and vegans at your dinner table. It could be as easy as substituting a piece of meat for a vegan alternative and making side dishes that everyone can eat, or you might choose to make a completely separate self-contained vegan meal for you or your guest.

Making versatile side dishes and just offering a meat alternative can be the best option, as it is more inclusive and enhances the sociable aspect of a meal. It can also be easier to make, given that you only have to make one simple change.

Shop-bought alternatives

Substituting the roast turkey doesn’t have to be difficult, especially given the number of ready-made choices available from supermarkets today. Here are some ideas to consider, all of which are on the shelves right now:

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If you’re inexperienced, it can be easy to make mistakes when it comes to catering for vegans. Drinks can be particularly problematic and if you are planning to serve wine or another type of alcohol, make sure that you choose a vegan alternative. To help you out, check out the likes of Vegan Wines Online at Amazon and Majestic wines.