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10 unique office fundraising ideas!

There are only so many cakes sales an office – or a waistline - can take! If you are looking at creative ways you can raise money at work or as a business, check out our list of 10 fundraising ideas that you must try!

  1. Film night – clear out a room in the office which has a projector and hold a night where you show a classic movie. You can sell tickets for the event and even sell snacks on the night. A night out at the movies all for a good cause!
  2. Give back when you give – When buying a gift for a co-worker whether that be for a birthday, new baby or retirement, purchase the gift through Give as you Live and a donation will be raised for your chosen charity! P.s you can even use this for all your personal purchases too! Please visit our website to learn more!
  3. Promise Auction – Have people in the office promise to do a certain activity i.e make coffee for a week, car wash, food hamper, dog walking or any odd jobs and auction off the promises!
  4. How far can you go? You have 36 hours to get as far from the office as you can – without spending a penny! Prizes for those who travel the furthest and who raise the most money. Social media savvy students taking part in similar events have travelled as far as New York and Rio!
  5. Parking Spot Auction – parking in some offices can be at a premium, usually one of the big wigs will have access to a free space. Auction this off for someone to use for a set period of time
  6. Golf Tournament – It seems like everyone in business likes to prance around the golf course every now and again, how about arranging a tournament at a local course? Some courses will offer free or discounted rounds if raising money for charity, and you can get each person to make a donation to enter!
  7. Buy a Brick fundraiser – your charity have a building project they would like to raise money for? Asking supporters to buy a brick towards the campaign is a great way to raise funds. You can put a minimum donation for brick i.e £5 buys 2 bricks, £10 buys 4 bricks etc. Some charities may even write your name in the actual bricks!
  8. Partner with a restaurant – speak to restaurants and ask if they would like to partner with you to raise money for charity – you can then arrange quiz nights, wine tastings or special set menus - all for free or at a discount thanks to your local partner!
  9. Raise money when you buy cards – when purchasing the office birthday cards or when ordering the office Christmas cards if you purchase then through Give as you Live’s Personalised Cards service a donation will be raised for every card purchased!
  10. Hold a retro summer fete – Everyone wants an excuse to have fun in the summer, get down to your local park and arrange a retro summer fete with classic games such a rounder’s and egg and spoon races!

I hope you enjoyed some of our unique ideas to help you raise money as a business. To learn more about how Give as you Live can create free, bespoke fundraising platforms for your businesses then please click here >>

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