Download the results of the Digital Donor Review 2013


Polling thousands of charity supporters, Give as you Live’s Digital Donor Review is the largest annual survey of its kind, which aims to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of digital giving. The findings are analysed and bespoke reports sent to any supported charity in the UK, cost free.


Polly Gowers presented the findings of the Digital Donor Review at Chase 2014 along with presenting Meningitis Now with their cheque for £5000, here are some of the most interesting findings below:

This year the Digital Donor Review examined how the digital landscape is shifting, comparing results from 2012 to 2013. In terms of social media, the survey revealed that 55.9% of women use Facebook to interact with their charities, in contrast to 43.8% of men.

YouTube is the best way to get the attention of your male supporters with 31% using the network to interact with their charities, substantially higher than the 9.7% of women.

How do supporters donate? Text giving has risen from 9% to 11% whilst purchasing from charity websites has risen from 37.9% to 42.2%. The likelihood of your supporter giving elsewhere has also increased, with the number of people supporting more than 5 charities rising from 37.9% to 42.2%.


If these findings have piqued your interest, you can find more results from the survey at