25 thoughts we’ve all had whilst shopping online

shopping-thoughtsShopping online is an art form in it’s own right. Did you know us Brits spend a staggering £68.2 billion online every year?! 

Up there with the top reasons for shopping online are:

  • time saving
  • money saving
  • price comparison
  • and of course no crowds… or more importantly screaming children being bribed with pick n mix. 

Here’s 25 thoughts that have gone through our heads whilst we’ve been shopping online…

1. I’ll just pop this in my cart incase I may want to buy it

2. Ooh, a 25% code for 24 hours only, I may as well buy that dress as well

3. I only need to spend £13 more to qualify for free shipping

4. I may as well look at the home section whilst I’m here

5. I suppose I could do with some new bedding *adds to cart*

7. Half price pillowcases when I buy bedding, why not!

8. I spy a sale section…

9. …wow, these tiaras are only £2 each, I may need them one day

10. £5 voucher if I sign up to your newsletter, yes please

11. Oh I remember it’s Sarah’s birthday

12. She’ll really like this journal

13. Come to think of it I really like this journal

14. *Adds two journals to cart*

15. Woah what’s this, a competition to win a shopping spree? *Enters details*

16. Imagine if I won, I’d probably buy those shoes

17. Come to think of it, what if they sell out?

18. Darn, they don’t have my size anyway, hang on, ‘similar items’…

19. Oh, these will do *adds to cart`*

20. I should think about checking out

21. ‘Must have summer skirt as seen on Kate Moss’

22. *Adds to cart*

23. There seems to be a lot of stuff in my basket

24. I probably should head for the checkout.

25. Oh hang on, I only have to spend £3 more to qualify for free NEXT day shipping…

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