35 new stores: includes SportsDirect, Hobbycraft and Elvi

This month we have more big name brands to help you raise money for your chosen charity.

We welcome back SportsDirect.com, who will be donating up to 3.5% on their massive range of sports equipment, clothing and accessories.

Some of the other big names to join us include plus-size fashion brand Elvi (donating 4.5%), Hobbycraft (donating 5%), Morrisons Wine Cellar (donating 4%) and the range of underwear and clothing from tennis legend Bjorn Borg (donating 6%).

The full list is below, and remember – you can view all our 2,400+ stores on our website. If there’s one missing that you’d like to see, please let us know.

Arcane ProjectsDonates up to 6.00% AsiaRooms.comDonates up to 2.50% AtlasDirectDonates up to 8.00% Bjorn BorgDonates up to 6.00% Dial-a-TVDonates up to £7.50
ElviDonates up to 4.50% Gala BingoDonates up to £12.50 Go2GamesDonates up to 5.00% Good Housekeeping TravelDonates up to 1.50% Harper & LewisDonates up to 3.50%
HobbycraftDonates up to 5.00% I Love CrossstitchDonates up to 3.50% Ladies GolfDonates up to 2.50% London BoutiqueDonates up to 4.00% Monster Pet SuppliesDonates up to 3.50%
Morrisons CellarDonates up to 4.00% mSpyDonates up to 15.00% My Life AdviserDonates up to £30.00 mysalonlooksDonates up to 5.50% NOT JUST A LABELDonates up to 2.50%
Predator NutritionDonates up to 6.00% Protein LifestyleDonates up to 6.50% RollasoleDonates up to 3.50% Roulette ClothingDonates up to 4.00% SO SwitchDonates up to £8.50
SportsDirect.comDonates up to 2.50% The Craft CompanyDonates up to 5.00% The Kids WindowDonates up to 1.00% Treat RepublicDonates up to 8.00% TrimetalsDonates up to 2.50%
Usay CompareDonates up to £7.50 VivomedDonates up to 4.50% Vuba SuppliesDonates up to 7.50% What's About TownDonates up to 5.00% Wisdom BenefitsDonates up to 5.00%