4 tips for braving cold workouts this Winter

Getting out the door to go for a run in winter can be a challenge in itself, let alone choosing what to wear. Once out the door you can go from ‘What a fresh day!’ to ‘Why am I doing this, please why!’ very quickly!

Here’s some tips on how to make sure you get the best out of your run in those cold winter months:

runningtightsDress for the weather

It’s so important to layer up in the colder months, as tempting as shorts may be, knowing how hot you get half way, they are not ideal. It’s best concentrating on your base layers. Look for items with climate control in, so you stay at a comfortable temperature throughout your run. We love these Nimble Run Thermal Tights from Sweaty Betty, complete with reflective strips, making sure you are seen in the dark. Pair these up with the Terrain Merino LS Seamless Top and Escape Luxe jumper for a stylish Winter workout look.


runningfriendGo with a friend

It’s all too easy to put your running gear on, grab your water bottle, open the door feel the cold air hit your face to only turn back around, grab a hot chocolate and park your butt on back on the sofa. I find it works if you  arrange to meet a friend for a run, it gives you that extra motivation to get you out the door and of course playing the Rocky soundtrack helps too!

runstairsGet warm 

Before you even get to the door, run up and down the stairs a few times, drop down and do a few pushups, high knees, you know the drill. This will give you a head start when you eventually get outside as you’ll already be warm!

runheadbandDon’t forget your head

That’s right, don’t forget your head! If you’re you’re like me I suffer terribly with earache in the colder months, so don’t forget to grab a hat, though this can sometimes get a bit stuffy, instead you can always opt for a headband or ear warmers, the fleece earwarmer from Sweaty Betty is a great shout with it’s quick drying fabric and snug fit

Shop at Sweaty Betty via Give as you Live and a percentage of your spend will be donated to charity – at no extra cost!