5 fitness motivation tips and tricks

With Summer just around the corner and New Year’s resolutions subsiding, the countdown is on. Whether it’s a bikini body you’re after or if your training for a marathon, we could all need a little motivation now and then.

Back in January we blogged about the top 5 fitness DVDs for men and women and 5 top training tips for marathons  so now we thought we’d give you a bit of boost with 5  fitness motivation training tips and tricks.


alarmSet an alarm with a motivational quote

Getting up and going to the gym is not high on the agenda when you’re curled up in the covers and realise that instead of exercising you could just lie there for another hour.

Fear not, most smart phones have the option to add a note to an alarm, so when you set it for 6am it can read a motivational quote to get you up and ready to tackle that work out, here are some of my favourites below:


“There are 1440 minutes in a day, use 60 of them to work out’

“Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going”

“Exercise in the morning before your brain figures out what you’re doing”

“Focus on far you have come, not how far you have to go”

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Grgroupoup exercise

Research shows that group workouts to music can help turn fitness into a pleasant pursuit. When we perform any exercise we release “happy hormones” called endorphins, and during group exercise, the endorphin rush is increased further causing a boosted sense of well-being.

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Sometimes we physically need to see the progress we are making and Nike Fuelband does just that.

Nike+ FuelBand measures your everyday activity and turns it into NikeFuel. It tracks calories burned, steps taken and more. It’s also a great watch. Nike+ FuelBand tracks running, walking, dancing, basketball and dozens of everyday activities.

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sweatyNew gym gear

Buying new gym gear can really drive you to do more. If you are super comfortable whilst exercising it can make an hour of ‘misery’ into an enjoyable workout.

Opt for clothes designed to wick sweat away so you’re not weighed down with damp garments. Think of these things when choosing workout clothing:



  • Comfort
  • Wicking ability
  • Fit
  • Layerable
  • Activity appropriate

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healthAbs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym

You heard right- research shows 30% exercise 70% diet. So eat healthier, exercise 3 times a week and you’ll be on the road to body confidence.

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