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5 Perfect Recipes for World Pasta Day!

Good news for food lovers - 25th October is World Pasta Day! 

This year's campaign is being supported by celebrity chefs David Hertz and Bruno Serato as they launch the Power of Pasta campaign, which will see the equivalent of three million plates of the delicious dish being donated to hunger-fighting charities across the world. So not only is the event a chance to have fun with your loved ones in the kitchen, but it's also a chance to support a good cause - something we feel strongly about here at Give As You Live. Prefer to eat out? Scroll down to see how you can still raise when enjoying a restaurant meal!


So which new and quirky pasta dishes might you try to mark the occasion?


Cajun Chicken Pasta

Pasta doesn't have to be entirely about creamy sauces. Why not try this zingy dish which adds plenty of fortifying protein in the form of chicken to balance out the delicious pasta carbs? Simply fry some chicken breast (or thigh for a richer flavour and more fat) in a Cajun spice blend with a clove of crushed garlic and an onion. Once browned, add some finely chopped peppers for colour, nutrition and texture, and allow to soften. Turn the heat down and add single cream to the pan - stirring it in to blend the delicious flavours. Finally, serve over a bowl of spaghetti and top with fresh torn basil. Delicious!


Creamy Pesto Prawns

If you're used to having pesto only with pasta and cheese, prepared to enjoy a heartier meal with the addition of prawns. Put your pasta of choice on to boil - linguine is a great choice - and then melt a hearty knob of butter in a heavy pan. Add cream, salt, pepper, a generous handful of parmesan and a couple of tablespoons of pesto (remembering that you can adjust according to your taste). Once it’s cooking, add your prawns towards the end and serve with more parmesan and some freshly torn Italian bread.


One-Pan Tortellini

Grab a pack of your favourite filled tortellini and cook it until tender. In a separate pan, cook tomatoes, garlic, onion and spinach together, adding plenty of seasoning. While it cooks, combine a cup of milk, another of heavy cream and a tablespoon of flour - whisking rapidly to avoid lumps. Stir it into the pan of sauce together with a large handful of parmesan cheese, and then add the tortellini. The beauty of this recipe is that it can be adjusted to the ingredients you enjoy. Add sliced Italian sausage, shrimps, mushrooms or whatever else takes your fancy!


Cauliflower 'Alfredo'

Sneak some vegetables into your family’s diet with this deceptively delicious dish which needs no sugary store-bought sauces. Simply boil a head of cauliflower, chopped, until soft and then pan-fry it with garlic and butter. Blend it into a sauce in a food processor, adding milk or single cream to taste with plenty of seasoning. Return to the pan and stir in parmesan or mozzarella depending on your preference, and then serve over your favourite pasta. It's easy, fast, healthy and affordable midweek meal for the kids.


Vermicelli Pasta

Did you know that you can even make desserts using pasta? This simple dish is traditionally eaten at the Islamic festival of Eid - proving that pasta is universal! To make it, bring a pint of milk, eight cardamom seeds and four tablespoons of sugar to the boil in a saucepan before lowering the heat and simmering for five minutes. Stir in a pack of vermicelli pasta into the milk and then simmer until the pasta is al dente and the sauce has begun to thicken. This will take about another five minutes. If it becomes too thick, add a little extra milk. Serve with cream and flaked almonds for a real treat. You can also ring the changes by adding sultanas to the mix or pistachios to taste.


Raise when you shop

Remember to buy all of your ingredients online or in-store before having a celebratory pasta party on the 25th, and why not get the kids involved in preparing these easy dishes to help them develop their skills and appreciation of home-cooked food? You can raise money for your favourite charity too when you click online to buy your pasta essentials with Give As You Live, or why not try one of our in-store grocery cards to shop your ingredients in-store as normal? Check out In-Store Grocery Cards


Prefer to eat out?

You can still raise ££ for your favourite charity whilst enjoying a restaurant experience this World Pasta Day! Our restaurant gift cards can be purchased for yourself, or as a present, and will raise up to 6% at a range of eateries including Cafe Rouge, Pizza Express and Miller & Carter.

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