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7 Secrets to Boost you Business Giving Programme

Does your business give to charity, but it is a bit lacklustre at times? Want to engage more with employees to really put your corporate giving on the map? Do you want to start a giving programme within your business but don't know where to start? Don't worry, we have compiled 7 simple steps to kick-start your internal fundraising and employee engagement.

    1. Commitment from the Top - If your executive team genuinely understands that your giving program is a critical element to engaging employees within your culture, it sets both up for success by showing everyone at the company what matters.
    2. Empower Employee Choice - People give to causes that resonate with them and reward companies that help them support these causes. Develop ways to include employees in the selection of your charity
    3. Get Engaged and Feel Good About It! - Ultimately, the end goal is getting people to participate. So, the more ways you offer your employees to support causes the company cares about, the more they're likely to get involved and to feel good doing it. See point 7 for an easy way to implement this!
    4. Motivate & Make Workplace Giving Interactive and Fun -No one wants to do something that feels like a chore. By making workplace giving an experience employees want to participate in, you can use your Goodness program as a lever in building a positive and purposeful corporate culture. That means giving needs to be interactive, easy and, yes, fun, for both employees and administrators alike. Your Fundraising Hub combined with a close relationship with your charity can go a long way to achieving this.
    5. Volunteering - Giving time is a key part of employee giving, and for many employees, it can be as important as donating money, if not more. By bringing together your workplace giving benefits with volunteering rewards, your program will attract new people who may prefer to support causes with time instead of money.
    6. Manage your Metrics - Take a hard look at: - Process: Is it clear what people have to do? Are there extraneous steps that could be eliminated?

      - Technology: Is there a glitch preventing people from completing a donation or tracking their time?

      - Program design: Are your branded causes compelling?

      - Outcomes: Are you overly focused on a specific target number or are you genuinely offering your employees ways to feel good about giving?

      - Commitment: Are your senior management members walking the talk? Are they engaging with employees in giving?

      - Promotion: Are you effectively sharing the opportunities for your employees to give back in ways that matter to them?

    7. Have your own Fundraising Hub - We strongly believe the better the engagement with employees and the charity the greater the involvement and subsequently the funds raised. We also know that some businesses do not have the time, money or the workforce to put together such a platform. Give as you Live offers a bespoke Fundraising Hub for free! From one page employees will be able to learn more about the charity and the partnership, view a live total of what has been raised, make direct donations, raise funds through shopping with Give as you Live, and set up fundraising pages.


Want to find out more information or would like to see how such a Hub would look? Simply register your interests and our Account Manager, Ashleigh Green, will be in touch.


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