76% of charity fundraisers expect to see donations decrease

The Give as you Live team recently went along to the Institute of Fundraising’s National Convention. It was a fantastic event with lots of inspiring speakers (take a look at Mike Rowland’s talk on North American trends in digital fundraising, for example).

While at the Convention, we couldn’t help but survey the who’s who of the UKs fundraising sector to find out their views on the most pressing issues faced by charities, including fundraising shortfalls and Christmas donations. Being an innovative online business, we also wanted to gauge awareness of technological innovation for fundraising.

Here are the key highlights of the survey results:

  • 76% thought that donations will stay the same or decrease this coming Christmas
  • 61% unaware of new technologies such as online shopping tools to raise funds for charity
  • 26% thought that the general public were responsible for finding a solution towards falling

Solutions to address falling donations included:

  • 26% thought that creating a national campaign to celebrate and encourage giving would be best
  • 22% felt that targeting the rich would be the best route
  • 21% believed giving through payroll schemes was the best solution

We were surprised to find that 76% of people think that donations will stay the same or decrease this coming Christmas, showing that despite Britain being a generous nation, fundraisers are pessimistic about the public’s willingness to dig into their pockets. When asked who is responsible for finding a solution, the majority voted for the general public.

But what about technology and innovation as a solution? The majority admitted that they are unaware (61%) of new technologies, such as online shopping tools to raise funds for charity.

We believe that new technologies are charities best option for addressing any funding shortfalls. For example, 1.25bn could be raised for charities this year through Give as you Live, without anyone having to spend a penny more than they do already.

This infographic about online shopping that we launched at the IoF Convention illustrates this opportunity and shows how initiatives, such as Give as you Live, can provide a simple solution.

If charities and the public do take up new ways of raising money for charities, such as Give as you Live, we may find fundraisers being more optimistic about future donations. We’ll let you know how the mood has changed next year…

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