Many Give as you Live Beta supporters have already raised more than £80 for our beta charities in just a few weeks!

Based on a conservative estimate of online spending, calculated from readily available data, we anticipated that an average donor would raise £75 per year of additional, unrestricted income for their charity of choice.

However, we have been thrilled to learn that many Give as you Live Beta supporters have already beaten this target, raising over £80 for our beta charities in just a few weeks!

This difference, achieved in such a short period of time, potentially equates to millions more pounds raised every year for deserving charities and causes.

According to The Interactive Media In Retail Group (IMRC) e-retail sales index, last month the average online shopper spent £79. If even 2% of all online shoppers were to Give as you Live we could raise £2.3million in one month.

And with Christmas quickly approaching, the IMRC is predicting online sales of up to £6.4billion this December. Just think, if 2% of people were to Give as you Live this Christmas, we could raise a fantastic £3.2million in 31 days.

If you’re wondering how you can increase the amount you are able to raise, our most consistent success has been with online travel. Next time you need to book a train ticket or a holiday, please remember to Give as you Live.

Other popular items include office supplies from Euroffice and Viking Direct, Music, Films and Games from HMV, and deals and offers bought through MyCityDeal and Groupon.

Upon full launch of the App, each user will be able to track their individual total raised by purchase. During the beta launch, totals are tracked by total users only.