A Big-Top Day Out

The real beauty of the Moscow State Circus is that adults will be entertained as much as, if not more than, the kids. It is also the perfect way to spend a couple of hours when the rain falls. Even on the greyest autumn day you can be sure that there will be an abundance of colour inside the big top.

The only real problem with going to see the giants of the circus world, either the Moscow or the Chinese State events, is that your local ‘average top’ will never be as entertaining again. Yes, the smaller events have the odd act that will make you go ‘wow’, but they simply cannot compete with spectacles that are quite literally at the top of their game.


The Moscow State Circus is in Bristol until October 12, before it moves on to Cambridge between October 15 and 19, and then London from October 22 until November 2. That means that there are still plenty of opportunities to catch the spectacular if you haven’t made one of the other dates this year.

Do not be put off if you have been to see the show during other seasons either, as the Moscow State always offers something new. Not that it even matters that much, as this adrenalin-pumping showcase is one that you could probably watch every day of the week without ever getting bored.

This year’s show is set in the iconic Gorky Park and features the Alievs White Birds Flying Trapeze act, awe-inspiring roller-skating, vertical pole jugglers, a revolving aerial ring, the Kozak whip crackers and the heart-racing Russian Swing, which launches a ten-strong troupe to the heights of the big top itself.

If you cannot make it to one of the shows, get some popcorn in the microwave, batten down the hatches and find out more about this iconic institution by watching Transporting the Moscow State Circus, available from eBay.