A Dogs Life

Moving in with my boyfriend was a big move, not only was I moving out, I was acquiring a dog; a beautiful 1 year old Siberian Husky called Helliwell. It was a bit of a reality shock at first, as I didn’t realise how much time dogs needed walking, feeding, grooming and not to mention how much the pet food costs.

Even though Helliwell eats my toothbrushes, pants, socks and shoes, I still love him. He makes a fantastic running partner and its great fun when we work him in the winter on a skateboard.

Helliwell loves affection and will always jump up to join in on a hug or come and give you a great big lick on the face. I can’t imagine life without him.

Not every husky is as lucky as Helliwell. A total of 53 calls and pick-ups were made last year to the RSPCA by people that could no longer care for their husky.

I think people underestimate how much time a dog is going to take up in their life, especially a dog like mine; they need a minimum of 2 hours exercise a day and can become destructive if they get bored.

In total 7,604 dogs were rescued by the RSPCA in 2010, who care for and re-home animals that have been trapped, abandoned or hurt.

It costs just £10 to feed a neglected puppy in the RSPCA’s care for a fortnight.

If you bought your dog food through Give as you Live for a year you could raise enough money to help save dogs that are not as fortunate as Helliwell.