A girl can never have too many handbags, featuring Selfridges and House of Fraser

I have a bit of a shopping problem, I admit it, when I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic, I thought to myself ‘oh god that’s me!’

I enjoy daydreaming about what I’m going to buy next, and this is often seasonal. So at the moment as the weather has turned cold, instead of being depressed at the lack of sunshine I’ve been planning my Winter wardrobe.

I’ve selected my favourite boots, jumpers, cardigans and coats. These will either be added to my Christmas wish list or bought on payday.

Then I got thinking, a high percentage of women love to shop, many of my friends will agree with me that they too, can never have too many dresses, pairs of jeans, scarf’s, handbags, or anything else for that matter. Surely one would need a different handbag for every eventuality?!

Here’s just a few of the many many handbags available from our fabulous Give as you Live stores:

Tillie oversized satchel, Selfridges, £925.00, donates up to 4%
It was love at first sight when I saw this bag on Selfridges website, so although it is (just slightly) out of my price range I thought I would share. I’ve got a thing for big handbags at the moment, their perfect for every day. Buying this through Give as you Live would earn £37 for charity.

Maisy Bag, House of Fraser, £61, donates up to 2.5%
Let’s get back to reality and more affordable price tags with this Maisy Bag by Paul’s Boutique. A great oversized bag for shopping and is comes in 6 different colours: Nude, black, pink, navy, gold and silver. House of Fraser donates up to 2.5% to the charity chosen by the shopper.

Little Furry Cross Body Bag, Monsoon, £25, donates up to 2.5%
Fur (or faux fur) is a must in the Winter for me, I can imagine the fur on this mini satchel bag keeping all my things inside nice and warm in the cold, making it a necessity of course?! I love the chocolate brown colour.
Monsoon will donate up to 2.5%.

Blue Mini School Satchel, Debenhams, £22, donates up to 2.5%
This mini satchel by Oasis is a cute little number. Perfect for if you’re popping out to the shops, or taking the dog for a walk. Just enough space for your purse, keys and phone and with the long adjustable strap it can be worn across the body. Debenhams will donate up to 2.5%.

Glitter Envelope Clutch, New Look, £12.99, donates up to 3.5%
A statement clutch can be used time and time again for evenings out. I like this black one because it has a pretty glittery finish but it would still go with many other colours. New Look will donate up to 3.5% to the charity the shopper nominates.