A housebound experience of Give as you Live

I’m on regular intensive chemotherapy at the Marsden and pretty much housebound due to low immunity, so online shopping is an ideal solution. Really, the only negative part of using Give as you live is having to use the Internet Explorer browser, so I’ll be glad when they get their app sorted for Firefox! (Coming to a PC/Mac near you soon!)

Downloading the app was easy enough – no probs. Choosing my charity was pretty obvious under the circumstances. Searching for items makes it a tiny bit harder – I have to think about it – but I persevered. I’ve bought printers and jeans from John Lewis, perfume from Debenhams (birthday present for the wife), and a metal detector from pixmania.com (present for well-behaved son).

I’ve only recently started, but my fundraising total is over £12 and as a family we’ll continue to do this. It’s easy. We all feel we’re doing something constructive with no change in shopping habits. As we need to buy big items like car and house insurance, it’ll be interesting to see if we can buy those through Give as you live.

Mark, London