A Mums view of Give as you Live

As a new mum to a four-month-old baby girl, running errands has become much more complicated. Between ensuring I have everything for my daughter, keeping her on a sleeping schedule and getting myself organised, it can easily be the late afternoon before I’m out the door.

Like lots of Londoners, we live in a small flat with stairs. For this reason, along with my recent change in lifestyle, I’ve suddenly become an avid online shopper. Not only do I enjoy the convenience, but with home delivery I can avoid juggling the baby, the pram and the purchase up the stairs – saving my back and my sanity!

So, when I heard about Give as you Live, I wanted to learn more. It seemed like an easy way for me to contribute to charity without making any change to my lifestyle. While I’ve always donated to charity, this way I could do it without any effort or additional costs.

After downloading the app and choosing my charity – Cancer Research UK – I began shopping. I bought a couple of toys and some disposable bottles at John Lewis for an upcoming long-haul flight, nappies, wipes and baby lotion from Boots and a novel for a mum’s book club I’ve joined at Play.

Give as you Live couldn’t have been easier to use and it was immensely satisfying to make a donation on everyday items. Who wouldn’t want to be able to give on purchases you’re already making?

I’ve already told my mummy friends (who like me spend a lot of time online) and plan to continue shopping this way.