A Q&A with Polly Gowers, OBE

Recent findings, published in an article by UK fundraising, have shown that charitable donations are down on previous years and that young people in particular are giving less in comparison to 50-60 year olds….

…But what is the explanation for this?
We believe young people may start giving more to charity if there was more emphasis on digital fundraising and digital giving. Findings from our digital giving review this summer show digital channels are not being maximised.

Our donor review was launched a couple of weeks ago, and over 4,000 charity supporters have taken part so far. It will uncover even more data for charities to take into consideration.

What’s your view?
We’re holding a Twitter Q&A this Friday, 5th October from 12pm until 12:30 with our CEO Polly Gowers, OBE.

During this time we will be discussing recent donation statistics, digital giving methods and online versus offline donations. Polly will be taking questions on the topic and will also be sharing some exclusive findings from the donor review results that we have so far.

Don’t forget to log on to Twitter and join the discussion this Friday – tweet @giveasyoulive with your questions and use the hashtag #digitalgiving.