A Royal Reunion

Name: Linda Smith
Profession: Customer Support Assistant
Location: Cheltenham
Linda is 23 years old, she graduated from University of Gloucestershire last year where she studied Business Management. She has 4 sisters, 2 brothers and a dog called Bailey. She loves to dance, shop and drink tea.

My Give as you Live Experience:
It was over 4 years ago that my friend Harriet moved away to London to go to university, and although it has been a number of years I still haven’t quite got used to it. There are many times when I’m at home wondering what to do, making plans for the weekends and wishing she was still living nearby.

We are very close and we tell each other pretty much everything, so we have had to resort to keeping in touch via Facebook and gossiping over the phone… It’s not half as fun as meeting up for a few cocktails, to put the worlds to right though!

One great thing is that her close family live in Cheltenham so she has a duty to come back to visit them every now and then. But I often feel guilty that I don’t go and visit her as much as I should. I think since she’s lived in London I’ve been to stay about 4 times. 4 times in 4 years is not great!

Up until last summer I was at university as well, I worked part time in a bar/restaurant which meant working every weekend god sent! Serving drinks, food, waiting on tables, and being polite and friendly to ghastly customers… Don’t get me wrong though, it wasn’t all that bad, there was the odd fun shift. But weekend working left no time for London visits.

Now I have started my new job I only work during the week, having weekends to myself is a real treat. After working as a waitress I don’t think the novelty of weekends will ever wear off!

Back in March, Harriet called me and suggested I go and stay with her for the royal wedding weekend. After “umming and ahhring” for a day or so, I decided I would go. The wedding and the May bank holiday made a lovely long weekend so it was the perfect time.

I got on the case straight away and started looking to book my travel. I went straight to thetrainline website, knowing that they were signed up to Give as you Live. A single ticket was just £5.95 with my railcard… I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t so lucky with the return journey, the price had shot up. So I turned to National Express, another Give as you Live retailer. A coach journey for the way home was a lot more reasonable than the train. Both journeys were booked within minutes.

As I was staying for a few days, we decided to push the boat out and make the most of it. After spending the Friday getting over the excitement of Kate and William’s wedding, we went for a night out, starting with seeing Billy Elliott at the theatre. Then the following day we went out for lunch and on the London Eye. Both of which were booked by yours truly, courtesy of www.dosomethingdifferent.com.

I loved my weekend in London, and although it was an expensive one, it was well worth it. And by booking most of it online, I raised an extra £5.30 for my favourite cause, Cancer Research UK.