A Successful Shopping Expedition

Name: Jackie Orr
Profession: Business Support Manager
Location: Gloucester, Gloucestershire
Bio: Jackie is rapidly approaching a landmark birthday and has lived in Gloucester all her life. She has recently been made redundant giving her plenty of time to catch up on all those chores she has been putting off for the past 20 years or so!

Now I am not one to usually clean the house on a weekly basis but, being out of work has given me a whole new perspective on keeping myself occupied so that I don’t sit in front of the TV all day. You may scoff but it is an easy slope to slide down into the following:-

a) getting up after 10am
b) Not showering until at least 4pm
c) checking emails and social network sites every 15 minutes.

Ok so what have I found to keep myself occupied as a percentage of my days?
10% checking the TV planner is set to record everything I wanted to watch but couldn’t because I found things I wanted to watch more.

40% job site searches. I find it highly amusing that I am sent emails for jobs such as a Construction Engineer that don’t match my profile at all, (which incidentally is administration!) What’s that all about?

20% watching TV… I know it looks bad but I have to do at least one thing that doesn’t involve cleaning products or shouting at the computer.

30% Cleaning – OMG never thought I would spend this amount of time wandering round the house looking YES looking for cleaning opportunities. Never before has my family put clothes in the laundry basket & found them cleaned and folded on their beds the next day …. And on particularly quiet days the SAME day!!

Now due to the excessive cleaning that has been taking place in the Orr household I found myself vacuum bagless. Not wanting to go into town just to buy vacuum bags I decided to go all modern & buy them online. I used a search engine to find my make and model of vacuum and Give as you Live gave me a list of participating shops. I decided on this website www.7dayshop.com which was easy to use and didn’t charge any postage, and even better supplied non branded vaccum bags that fitted my vaccum at a fraction of the price I would have paid.

What a successful shopping expedition and the added bonus of a donation to Macmillan Cancer Support as well. My vacuum bags arrived within 2 days so my weekly cleaning was not disrupted. The bags fitted as promised and I can now vacuum every day (if I want to) & not worry about the cost. Such fun!