Adidas Originals celebrate the launch of London 2012 Olympics

Tomorrow the London 2012 Olympics officially start and we think the sun has come out to will our athletes to go for gold!

Lots of exciting things are happening, with ‘Live sites’ being set up nationwide to view the action. You can see if there’s one in your area by visiting the London 2012 site.

Or, to follow the action ‘on the go’ throughout the games, you can follow The Telegraph’s list of the Top 50 Tweeters during the Olympics.

To celebrate the launch, I’m going to share my favourite products from Adidas, who are the main sponsor of the games. Adidas were founded in 1949 and have become one of the largest sporting brands in the world – did you know they made the famous football boots for the 1954 World Cup?

One of the things I love about Adidas is their heritage. They keep it real with new clothing and shoes – but it’s their Adidas Originals brand that really catches my eye. With vintage fashion taking the country by storm, Adidas Originals harness this with their old school style with a modern twist.

To highlight the Olympics, Adidas teamed up with New York retailer Opening Ceremony, who have a pop-up store in Covent Garden – with a crazy cool interior. LDN Fashion took some amazing pictures – I love the ceiling echoing the 2012 logo!

Here are my fave Adidas Original products right now…

From left to right:

Womens Honey Hi, £60.00
Raises £2.10 for your charity

Women’s Olympics Leggings, £40.00
Raises £1.40 for your charity

Womens Honey Desert, £26.00
Raises £0.91 for your charity

Women’s Glam Col Sweater, £47
Raises £1.64 for your charity

Men’s Valley, £36.00
Raises £1.26 for your charity

Men’s Triangles Tee, £17.50
Raises £0.61 for your charity

Men’s AC Flat Brim Cap, £20.00
Raises £0.70 for your charity

Men’s Team GB Bomber, £75.00
Raises £2.62 for your charity