Alternative Easter Gifts for Children


Most parents seem to spend half of their lives trying to stop their kids from eating too much chocolate and stuffing too many sweets in their mouths, and then Easter comes around. Even distant relatives suddenly think it’s all right to single-handedly rot your little one’s teeth leave you to deal with the sugar rush that follows the consumption of more eggs than an Olympic weight lifter. This year, why not try to make your job a bit easier (and keep your kids’ gnashers cavity-free for another couple of years) by persuading those well-intentioned loved ones that there are gifts other than chocolate which your young ones would appreciate just as much? If you’re stuck for suggestions, here are a few ideas for presents that won’t break the bank or cause you to have a breakdown.

For the Small Ones | You can’t beat a good old cuddly toy, and Easter is all about fluffy lambs and chicks. The Jellycat Lovely Lamb Soft Toy from John Lewis is a real winner, although you might have to rethink the Easter Sunday roast. If you have more than one young one, you could ask for a different toy for each (it might stop at least some of the fights). The Jellycat range also features a selection of Bashful Bunnies, Bashful Ducklings and lots of other cute and cuddly animals that the little ones will adore.

For the Bigger Kids | Why not get the relatives to combine their money and efforts and create a really nice Easter basket? Get them filled with Bright & Breezy nail polish and flowery scrunchies for girls and some Easter-themed art supplies for the boys. You never know, there might even be space for a mini-egg or two. Spring is all about endless possibilities, so a gift basket is the ideal choice. The contents are only limited by the imagination of your loved ones.