Amazon Kindle Paperwhite – review of reviews

E-readers are becoming more and more popular lately, with at least one in ten of us owning one. The most recent one to be released is the Amazon Kindle Paper white.

Are you thinking of buying one of these for a loved one this Christmas? Why not have a read of the reviews we’ve collated – they may help you decide whether or not to splash out, or go with a different e-reader.

Here’s what The Guardian thought:

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“If you still prefer real books to electronic gizmos, then Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is   a good reason to think again. Where earlier Kindle e-readers had grey screens, the Paperwhite has a white, frontlit, E-Ink screen with greatly increased contrast, so it comes much closer to the ideal of black ink on white paper. All round, the Kindle Paperwhite looks like the best e-reader on the market. The problem is, the market is changing.”

Here’s what thought:

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“The Paperwhite’s screen is brilliant in the literal sense of the word, as it glows. Nearly perfect front-lit screen. Improved capacitive touch. Superior contrast, sharpness and texture. Charges over standard USB and lasts forever (6 to 8 weeks). In the great e-reader saga, it’s clearly the protagonist, and one worth rooting for.”

Here’s what Huffington Post thought:

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“It’s thin; it’s lightweight; it fits naturally in one hand, so that you can easily hold the Kindle with one hand while beating eggs with the other; and, yes, the screen can light up, on a brightness scale from 1 to 24, depending on the darkness of your surroundings.

About that screen: It’s terrific. Amazon has said that the Paperwhite’s screen is better than that on the Nook, and they’re right. The illumination feature, which Amazon detailed in a video here, works well and spreads the light evenly over most of the screen”

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