Another Children’s Movie Home Run for DreamWorks


You can’t watch a family movie at the cinema or turn on one of the kids’ commercial TV channels without seeing an advert for the up-and-coming movie Home. Kids across the country are already reciting the familiar phrases ‘my arms are in the air and I just do not care’ and warning each other to ‘not eat the blue mint’ or drink from the ‘large bowl of lemonade’ (the toilet, for those of you who are mercifully escaping the furore).

The film isn’t released until March 20 in the UK (although there are previews going on across the country), but countless kids have already fallen in love with little Oh – an alien given his unusual name by his ‘friends’, who always say ‘Oh!’ when he appears. It’s not surprising, really, given that this latest DreamWorks Animation character is as cute as they come. You probably wouldn’t want him to live next door to you (or probably even on the same planet), but on the big screen at your local Vue cinema or the nearest Cineworld, he’s undoubtedly a real little star.

The movie is based on The True Meaning of Smekday, a children’s book by Adam Rex that was released in 2007. It is directed by Tim Johnson and tells the story of a little Boov boy whose optimistic but inept race has decided to invade Earth in a bid to escape from a mortal enemy and set up a new home. The Boov, led by Steve Martin’s Captain Smek, start to relocate the humans to the Desert Planet, thinking that they are doing them a favour. But one teenager – a cute girl called Tip, voiced by pop superstar Rihanna – escapes capture and meets up with Oh, alias Jim Parsons.

Oh has been banished – he ‘has made mistakes’ – after revealing his people’s whereabouts to the enemy, but will his attempts to make amends be successful? Of course they will – this is a kids’ film after all – but there are plenty of thrills and spills along the way, not to mention a great soundtrack to dance along to tat is led by Rihanna’s Towards the Sun track. The pop diva has also created a Home album, so get ready for this one to be a big feature at your home for a while to come.