Anti-Virus Software and Give as you Live

We have received feedback from some supporters of Give as you Live that the download process was blocked by their anti-virus software, specifically, Norton.

The success of our beta phase is entirely reliant on your feedback, so thank you to those that let us know of the problem.

We have contacted Norton and the issue should now be solved.

If you are having troubles installing the Give as you Live App please click the feedback link inside the App to let us know and we will work to fix the issue as soon as possible.

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    Sue Hyland

    10 September, 2010 at 15:10

    I dont mind the app appearing on the left hand side of the screen when you first do a search but it is very annoying when you then cant mimumise it so that you can see all of the site that you have visited!

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      Polly G of Everyclick

      13 September, 2010 at 15:22

      Hi Sue
      Thank you for your feedback. The Beta phase of Give as you Liveā„¢ relies on the honest thoughts, opinions and experiences of our supporters and we have already started to make changes to the Beta App based on the feedback we have received.

      We are currently working to develop a smaller version of the App, which will allow users to minimize the App when they would like. We will shortly be circulating initial designs for the minimized version of the App, and we hope you will feedback to us your thoughts on this new aspect of the product.

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