App It Up to Find a Love Match

If Valentine’s Day is as interesting for you as a game of tennis with no ball, you might be thinking about finding a bit of romance, or at least having some fun, before February 14, 2016. If so, get mobile dating – and that doesn’t mean picking your match up in your car. If you thought Tinder was something you put on the fire, you better read this guide to five of the most popular dating apps out there right now.


Tinder – Android/iOS | You could find your true love with a single swipe, although, in fairness, Tinder is more about having a laugh than discovering your soul mate. It could happen, but you’re likely to have to chat to an awful lot of frogs before it does. You shouldn’t knock it until you’ve tried it, though, and considering that it’s now got around 50 million active users, it’s got to have something going for it. Just be prepared to get addicted – the average user checks their account no fewer than 11 times each day.

Plenty of Fish | This one has a whopping 70 million users, and so you’ve got to be in with at least a chance of netting ‘the one’. It’s free to view profiles and to send and read messages, so you can be a cheap date organiser, if nothing else. Just be prepared to weed out a lot of weirdoes before you find anyone ‘normal’, let alone attractive.

Down | Down is about telling people you already know that you want to get together with them rather than meeting strangers. It’s not the subtlest of dating apps – you ask people for a date (called ‘up’) or you go ‘down’ the route of telling them you want to have a bedroom liaison. Nice!

Zoosk | This is an in-house downloadable chat program that’s renowned for having a dodgy interface and charging money to send or receive messages. Your perfect match could be there, but they’re just as likely to be on one of the more usable sites that won’t cost you a fortune before you realise you’ve met an extra from Psycho.

OKCupid | This is more like the dating sites of old. By that, we mean a year or two ago. You answer endless questions to help find your ideal match, and then you’re inexplicably linked with a nutter who is 40 years your senior and the wrong sex.