Are you a post-recession shopper?

The recent Retail Trends 2012 report highlights changing consumer trends in shopping, and it has become evident that the recession has born a new type of shopper. They want to be environmentally and ethically aware, as well as seeking convenience and good value, without lacking quality, in a term coined ‘vasstige’.

The report discusses these trends and explains the implications for the market. The ‘Re-invented Retail’ trend outlines a shift towards consumers demanding modern and innovative online technologies for shopping. This isn’t surprising, as online shopping is now, more than ever, a fast-growing sector for the retail industry. In fact, in May this year we spent a whopping £5.3bn online. Give as you Live allows this new breed of shoppers to be ethically aware, as well as being tech savvy, and therefore supports the principles outlined in the report. Our Give as you Live technology enables you to give to charity every time you shop online, allowing anyone can be a ‘post-recession shopper’!