Argos Top 13 Christmas Toy Predictions for 2014

So with just over 100 days to go, Argos has released its predictions for Christmas toys 2014.

Readers won’t be surprised that technology features heavily this year, with My Friend Cayla (#4) at very top of the list. Cayla is a WIFI enabled, internet savvy doll, which can be synced to an IOS or Android device and uses Google to answer questions. The VTech Kiddizoom Smart Watch (#7) with edit function enables kids to take photos, record videos and play games, as well as tell the time. And the LeapFrog Leap Band (#11) is designed to get the little ones up and moving about, while learning how to play with, feed and care for virtual pets. Little Live Pet Birds (#9) continue the pet-related theme.

Joining the popular Teksta Puppy of last year is the Teksta Dinosaur, who chews on a bone and belches. Yet another hi-tech toy predicted to make it onto the list is Xeno (#5), an interactive monster with LCD eyes and over 40 expressions. Being able to fart on demand and featuring pull-out snot is sure to make this gadget a favourite, among the children at least.

Chomp and Stomp Grimlock from Transformers (#12) is also set to be a hit. The huge Tyrannosaurus, which has light-up eyes, can be teamed with one-step Change figures and Power Battlers to activate different modes.

After the success of the movie, Frozen Snow Glow Elsa (#6) is likely to fly off the shelves. The doll plays songs from the film and features a magical shining dress and light up necklace.

Other top contenders include the LEGO City Arctic Base Camp (#3), Nerf Demolisher (#2) and Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow (#8). And a variation on the firm favourite, My Monopoly (#1) allows children to customise their very own set.