Baby Gifts Fit for Royalty

There’s no doubt that the Duchess of Cambridge will receive some exquisite baby gifts, but if you haven’t got thousands of pounds to spend, what do you get for the mum who has everything? Buying baby gifts can be a tricky business; first-time mums can be super-organised, and by the time their baby is born, they already have everything they could ever need – and more. Second-time mums and those who have been through the whole process several times before, meanwhile, may well have lots of things they will need and may not really appreciate new, shiny gifts that they now realise are about as practical as a new-born’s nappy with a hole in it.


The Personal Choice | Of course, in an ideal world, what you buy will depend on the person you are buying for and what you know they will like and appreciate the most. You may have a friend who you know will be overjoyed with a stunningly delicate cashmere blanket or know that your relation would destroy such a fragile creation in seconds in the frenzy of laundry that will inevitably follow the birth. You might have the cash put aside to buy your loved-one a great designer PacaPod Firenze changing bag, knowing that a new baby is not going to hamper their quest for style, but there are also, without doubt, some new mums out there who will be quite happy with the Silver Cross changing bag they bought themselves and would much rather you bought them a huge Hotel Chocolat hamper instead.

The Safe Bets | There are also times when you feel the need to buy a baby gift for someone that you really don’t know that well (have you been put in charge of picking up a colleague’s pre-maternity leave gift, for example?), or you really do have a friend or relation who seems to have everything they, and every other new mum in the immediate area, could ever possibly need. The good news is that there are some gifts out there that will almost certainly be appreciated. They might not be the most original ideas, but they will certainly go down much better than a bottle of gift-wrapped Prosecco for a breast-feeding new mum.


Every new baby is unique, particularly in the eyes of a proud new mum, and so personalised gifts will always be a safe bet. A personalised print would make a lovely addition to a new nursery wall. Or how about a personalised teddy that can be treasured forever, or a personalised sleepsuit that will be kept long after it has been laundered for the very last time?

Toiletries are another good choice, either for the baby or the new mum herself. Even if she doesn’t get to use what you buy her straight away, she can dream of the day when she will get ten minutes to herself to enjoy a bath or even a shower. You could even choose a mother and baby gift box or grab a nice basket, some tissue paper and a range of baby toiletries, such as the Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Getting Started Gift Set, and get started on making your own.