Back to School with the Right Essentials

However fun the school holidays might be, there’s always a feeling of nervous excitement when the new school term begins. The fresh start with a new school uniform, new class teacher and unspoilt exercise books can be something for kids to look forward to, as can bringing out all the new essential kit they’ve got to make the start of the new school year a success.

If your thoughts are turning to getting the right school essentials for September, then look no further. Here is a definitive list of all the necessary things your kids will need come the start of the new term.

A New Pencil Case

Comparing new pencil cases was always fun at the start of term. For younger children you couldn’t go far wrong with these cute Tinkerbell and Mickey Mouse cases from Tesco, while older kids might be more interested in this colourful Emoji case, which is available through Amazon.

A School Bag

Getting all those heavy books to and from secondary school requires a sturdy school bag such as this smart textured backpack from M&S. There are also plenty of fun options for younger children, including this novelty drawstring shark bag and this quirky cat backpack from Matalan.

Cool Stationery

Kids of all ages love to show off their stationery, so see they’re kitted out with the coolest stuff. For younger children, this Spiderman stationery set or this My Little Pony set from Matalan could be perfect, as could this Paw Patrol stationery tin from M&S. A bit more on the grown-up side, this well-stocked Bic writing set from Tesco is ideal for secondary school children who need all the essentials for school and homework. You could also consider Matalan’s multi-pack of gel pens, which are great for colour-coding school subjects in their homework diaries.

Comfy School Shoes

For affordable and comfy school shoes, the supermarkets are often a good place to start. Asda’s George range has a brilliant collection of school shoes for both boys and girls, spanning all styles and sizes. Similarly, Tesco has a great selection of school shoes and school trainers, so between them you’re guaranteed to find appropriate footwear for the start of term.

Fun Lunch Boxes

Older children of secondary school age might shun the ‘uncool’ lunch box, but they’re a big thing for kids of infant or junior school age. Pokémon fans will love this lunch box from Matalan, or for the superhero aficionados out there this Tesco Avengers lunch bag or this Lego Batman lunch bag from Asda are ideal. A 3D Frozen lunch bag could also prove a popular hit with your kids, as could this My Little Pony one from Matalan.

See that your kids have all the school essentials they’ll need for that fresh start, and shop around for some great bargains!