Back to School – what you need

No child wants to think about going back to school – even though they love choosing new stationery! For parents, it’s usually the other way around, you hate doing the shopping but you’re glad they’re going back. However those three little words make you feel, you’ll need to get your little ones organised!

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Back to School list


There’s no chance your child will still fit into last year’s clothes – unless you chose something incredibly stretchy! Thankfully children’s uniforms are pretty cheap to buy and some items, like this girl’s blazer, come with Teflon coating for extra durability!

At £4 it’s a bargain too, and comes in sizes from 3-16 years.

Marks and Spencer also have a clever range of back to school clothing. These boys trousers are made to defy bad weather and creases!



Younger children need colouring pencils and older kids will want protractors and fancy calculators. A new pencil case – free of graffiti (for a while) and suitably on-trend is also a must.

This Moshi Monsters pencil case comes fully loaded with pens, pencils, a rule, an eraser and a pencil sharpener, which should keep pre-teens happy. This four piece geometry set is great for older kids.


A sturdy backpack is a real boon. If you can fit in all their books, a packed lunch, and a PE kit, you’re doing well! For younger children, backpacks should also be fun to use.

These cute ladybird backpacks are sure to please little girls. Young boys may prefer the dinosaur backpack!

For older kids of either gender, this sporty grey bag is a bargain!

Back to school tips

Saving Time
Get your child to pack their school bag the night before. If you can get this done just after they’ve had dinner then you’ll also have a good opportunity to check that they’ve done their homework before it’s too late!

Avoid Lost Items
Use iron-on labels to keep track of PE kit and uniforms that might get mixed up with other kids’ stuff.

Prepare your Child
Changing class or going to school for the first time can be frightening for children and parents. Make sure your child has an idea of what to expect before they go. It may also be helpful to practice things like tying shoe laces, eating with cutlery, and reading, so that they feel more confident about being away from you.