Be Parka Perfect

Most women would love to have a closet full of coats — one for every day and night of the week and a few extra for luck. But the reality is that, for many people, this is a luxury that they just cannot afford. Let’s face it, a decent winter coat does not come cheap, so the choice is often down to whether you opt for a few cheap options to vary your look or decide to put all of your proverbial fashion eggs in one basket and go for just one versatile design.

If you have decided on the latter — a good choice if you don’t want to freeze to death and get soggy every time it rains — there can be no better choice than a parka. Forget the grubby, oil-stained green rags you’ve seen in army surplus stores, as this type of coat can actually be one of the most stylish options about.


Multitude of Looks | There are lots of different types of parkas out there, but one thing defines the style: sheer versatility. The beauty of the parka is that it is exactly what it sets out to be — a coat. Regardless of its finer detailing, a good one will keep you warm and dry in the autumn and winter. It is this clear understanding that will mean that no one will blink an eye if you wear it over a pair of jeans or your work suit. This is the workhorse of the coat world, but the beauty of modern designs means that the parka can also make an excellent fashion statement as well.

All-Age Appeal | As long as you do not go for an outlandish option in metallic silver with more bobbles and tassels than a carnival parade, a parka can be perfect whatever your age. It can add a modern edge to a traditional outfit, or simply show you off as the trendy young thing that you are.

The Best of 2014 | Almost every one of Britain’s major clothes retailers will have at least one parka in their range. Why wouldn’t they, when they are so darned popular? In fact, many have a whole range, meaning that you can get the look with details to suit your own tastes and personality. Debenhams, for example, has almost 80 different versions in its ‘parka coats’ section. If you can’t find something in there, then you might just deserve to feel cold. There are all sorts of lengths and colours, but for a true parka look check out the Wallis Khaki Parka Coat or the Red Herring Khaki Faux Fur Shawl Collar Parka Coat.

Word of Warning | There are a lot of parkas out there in the lower price ranges, but always remember that you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to winter coats. If you want a coat that will last for years and provide you with the weather protection that you need, as every good parka should, then try to spend as much as you can afford. Think about the features of the coat as well as the label on the collar, and let the stylish appearance of this effortless, timeless classic speak for itself.s