Beauty Must-Haves at London Fashion Week

There is no doubt that everyone looked primped to perfection at this year’s London Fashion Week, but don’t forget that countless hours were spent blotting out blemishes and lifting lashes. Not everyone has hour upon hour to spend on making themselves look beautiful, but there are a few essential items that no professional is ever without and which you can use to make the most of your features even if you only have a spare couple of minutes every day.


Eyelash Curlers | Many a model will tell you that they would struggle to survive without their eyelash curlers (£1.99 from Superdrug). Even without mascara, they provide enough of a lash lift to open even the bleariest of eyes, and with a layer of two of dramatic black they can become the show-stopping element of your face.

Premium Primer | The latest must-have skin-care cream is Embroylisse Lait-Creme Concentrate (£13.33 at Feel Unique), which is very reasonably priced at under £15 a tube and is great for feeding the skin and creating a perfect base for make-up — if you have the time to put it on.

Wet Wipes | There is no excuse for waking up in the morning with your eyes glued shut by last night’s mascara and a Joker smile that would make even Batman afraid. Wet wipes are cheap as chips but are sensitive enough to use on your face. Just think about how smooth babies’ bottoms are and you’ll understand why even top models and movie stars are fans.