Beginners’ guide to pet insurance

Animals of all shapes and sizes can suffer from a range of illnesses and potential accidents. A trip to the vet can often result in a hefty bill, so it’s wise to ensure you have good pet insurance policy.

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance is a way of helping you. It covers any costs of veterinary treatment if your animal falls ill or has been involved in an accident. Some policies can pay out if your pet dies, is lost or stolen, or causes injury to a third party.

Pet insurance is a worthy investment for your furry friends, as they are a big part of your life. If they get ill or are injured, it can help alleviate the costs of treatment and rehabilitation. Giving you one less thing to worry about!

Types of cover:

Accident Only – This is usually the cheapest type of cover available. As the name suggests, your pet will receive help if they are involved in an accident. Some policies will also cover emergency illnesses and/or those that come as a result of an accident.

Time-Limited – Cover is provided up to a set amount per condition. For example, £2,000. Making a claim for a condition will trigger a 12-month time limit in which payouts will be made. Once this expires you will no longer be able to claim for the same condition, even if the policy is renewed. If treatment for your pet lapses the 12-month time limit, you will have to fund the remaining cost of the treatment yourself.

Maximum Benefit – Cover is provided up to a maximum amount per condition – again, could be £2,000. However unlike time-limited cover, there is no time limited placed on how long you are able to claim for. The insurance companies will pay out until the payout cap is reached per condition.

Lifetime/Covered – This is usually the most expensive option, but is the most comprehensive type of insurance. Your pet will be covered throughout its lifetime providing the policy remains active. This policy provides a set amount of cover for vet bills, which renews each year in line with the policy.

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