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Benefits to Successful Workplace Giving

There is no doubt that charitable giving is good for Britain's business - it's not just the charities benefiting but customers, employees, shareholders and the broader community as a whole, who benefit from corporate social responsibility and sustainable business strategies.

There is also a more practical benefit to the idea of giving via an organisation or company. While individuals can make a real difference by making a monetary donation to their favourite charity or by providing time to volunteer at a cause that they feel passionate about, the practical and social impacts of this individual approach are naturally limited in the longer term. Yes, individual giving is hugely beneficial and a great way of serving your community, but without the power of the group, full leverage of the benefits is challenging.

Contrast this approach to a situation where hundreds of people - or more - might pool their resources and plan a coordinated giving approach. This is what happens when an organisation or business sets up a corporate giving campaign. Delivered well, clear and powerful benefits can be realised over the longer term.

But the benefits of this approach to charitable giving also extend to the business itself, both within the organisation and externally.

PR benefits - Any organisation with a CSR strategy will naturally have a good story to tell the media. All fundraising efforts and charities rely on the press to spread word and awareness about their work, so supporting companies will naturally get a share of this positive awareness.

Social media - Again, this type of immediate and democratic social sharing has vast positive power and is an example of how corporations can leverage their brand values in a way that delivers real benefit and meaning to communities and customers. With today's discerning customers - especially Millennials - keen to choose brands which resonate with their own socially conscious values, this strategy can be a sound one for long-term competitive advantage.

Reputation - A company with a clearly communicated CSR strategy will be able to build up a strong reputation as an ethical and responsible business - two very powerful attributes in the modern world.

Bottom line benefits - A great reputation, a strong brand and excellent PR will all combine into tangible bottom-line business benefits as customers being to switch their purchasing allegiance to the firms that they feel a strong connection with.

And there are clear internal benefits too. Employees naturally feel more engaged when they work at companies with clear CSR programmes and the chance to volunteer and get involved in causes that they feel passionate about. All thriving modern businesses know that employee engagement is key to success, and charitable giving programmes are shown to boost morale, productivity, ethical behaviour and pride in the organisation.

Morale naturally improves too as employees feel aligned with the corporate culture. This helps to reduce attrition and to boost productivity, with lower rates of staff turnover and a higher interest from talented individuals wanting to work at the organisation. Teamwork is also improved as individuals at all levels begin to feel united in a common goal.

The gains are clear and the imperative for businesses is clear: workplace giving is a necessary priority for business success.

Want to know how you can easily implement workplace giving into your business for free? Or do you already give as a business but struggle with employee engagement? Simply request the Give as you Live Fundraising Hub – essentially a singular platform to encompass a business’s internal fundraising entirely. Our mission is to provide a platform for businesses where anyone within the business can easily keep track of internal fundraising, engage employees with the chosen charity and empower employees to get involved with free fundraising initiatives.

We strongly believe the better the engagement with employees and the charity the greater the involvement and subsequently the funds raised. We also know that some businesses do not have the time, money or workforce to put together such a platform, which is why we are offering this platform to businesses for free!

From one page employees will be able to learn more about the charity and the partnership, view a live total of what has been raised, make direct donations, raise funds through shopping with Give as you Live, and set up fundraising pages.

Want to find out more information or would like to see how such a Hub would look? Simply register your interests and our Account Manager, Ashleigh Green, will be in touch.

Click here to register interest >

Offers, donation rates and participating stores are correct at the time of writing and are subject to change. Please visit the Give as you Live Online website for the most up to date information.

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