Best Bedroom Ideas for Boys and Girls

Children’s bedrooms can be the site of many battles for parents. From getting your young ones to stay in their beds to arguing constantly about cleaning up the mess, these rooms can seem more like war zones that childhood havens. One trick is to create bedrooms that children love to be in – areas that they want to sleep in and keep tidy without you having to nag. Of course, it’s not going to solve all of the problems, but it can help at least. Here are two ideas for bedroom designs, one for boys and one for girls, that are easy to do and don’t have to cost a fortune to create. The beauty of these ideas is that you can go all out for a full-on look or simply choose a few pieces to brighten up a room. If you start with a clean canvas of plain painted walls, it will also be easy to change the accessories to a different theme as your young ones grow and their interests change. So, let’s get started.


For Boys | Most young boys are going to love a superhero room, and Spider-Man is a great one to choose. There are plenty of affordable accessories out there, and the colours are great for brightening up a space. There’s also plenty of scope for using your own imagination, and those cobwebs in the top corners of the room that you always forget to vacuum up will never look out of place. The focal point of your kid’s room will always be their bed, so start with a great Spiderman duvet cover and pillowcase, available from Asda for just £10. Add a handy Spidey-shaped cushion, £10.99 from Argos, and the bed is ready for the kids to leap in – and stay there (hopefully). Give windows the hero touch with a pair of Ultimate Spider-Man curtains from Homebase for £21.99. Also think about putting up a Spider-Man blind with blackout lining. Prices start from £74.80 at Poles and Blinds, and they can be worth every penny when it comes to making your children believe it’s still night-time on those light summer mornings and evenings.

A night-light will often help stave off those night-time spooks and stop your children having to call for you at 2am. A Marvel Spider-Man mask 3D light, £28.99 from, will look great on the wall, although it might be a little scary for the littler ones. A good alternative would be a Spider-Man LED projector and night-light, £16 from B&Q. This doesn’t just light up – it projects Spidey images on the walls and ceilings. What small fan is not going to like that? Don’t forget the main light either. Snap up a Spider-Man lampshade for £10, also from B&Q. That’s it, you’re done. It’s time for bed!


For Girls | Disney princesses are always going to be a top choice when deciding on a theme for little girls’ bedrooms, and Frozen is still the name on every little Elsa’s lips, especially now that a sequel to the first film has been announced. Grab a Frozen Anna, Elsa and Olaf single duvet cover set from Tesco for £14, and add a Frozen cushion, £10 from Next, and a Frozen Elsa Fleecy Throw from Debenhams for £12.

Light up your little girl’s life with a Frozen pendant lampshade, £9.99 from Argos, and add a Disney Frozen Go Glow tilt torch, £12.99 from Argos, to her bedside table. She’ll be able to use it to read under her covers before popping it beside her bed, where it will glow for a couple of minutes as she drifts off to sleep. If your little one likes a little light all night long, check out the Philips Disney Frozen children’s night-light and projector, £14.99 from Amazon. Don’t forget the curtains and blinds. Pick up a pair of Frozen pencil pleat curtains from Dunelm for £16.99. Add the finishing touches with some posters or prints for the wall. Freemans has a large framed Frozen maxi poster for £29. The Disney Store is also a great place to look for Frozen art and collectibles. A really stylish Disneyland Paris Elsa from Frozen print costs a surprisingly low £15, or spend another £25 for a larger version. There’s no way that your little girl won’t want to go to bed when this much effort has gone into creating a space fit for a princess. Just remember, though, that you’ll never be able to send her to her room as a punishment ever again.