Best board games to play this Christmas

boardgamesChristmas day has some families dusting off board games hidden under the stairs and encouraging a bit of gentle competition between family and friends.  

If you’re missing a few pieces of Monopoly, a letter short in Scrabble or you’re looking for a new challenge- we’ve found the top board games to play after dinner this Christmas.

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Here’s our favourite board games below…



Scrabble Deluxe

from £29.99 

The classic family word game. But don’t stick to the standard version, which will leave you with alphabet soup and a ruined game the second you knock the board. This edition has a grid which holds the tiles more securely in place.


2The Game of Life, Adventures Edition

from £12.99

A true family favourite which will have kids reaching to turn off the TV and still leave something to keep the adults amused. This new edition also adds many more interesting elements to the original game. The rules can seem a bit complex at first, but that’s all part of the fun.


P265905Cluedo London Edition Board Game


No list of top Christmas games would be complete without the board game Cluedo. Mixing nostalgia with the 21st century, the puzzle here is set in modern-day London, making for a pleasing variation on the decades-old favourite.

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