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The Best Boozy Drinks to Keep You Warm This Winter

It's cold outside, so stay warm indoors with a lovely warming boozy drink. Whether your tipple is red wine or Bailey's, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a drink or two when you want to indulge at home.

An Irish Coffee

Make a hot coffee, stir in brown sugar and a tot of rum, and then add a topping of whipping cream to finish the glass.

Classic Mulled Wine

You can buy mulled wine ready prepared in bottles or prepare your own by simmering a bottle of red with mulling spices and some slices of orange.

Hot White Chocolate with Kahlua

Gently simmer a mug of milk with white chocolate chips until you have a hot chocolate, then add a lot of Kahlua and sprinkle with marshmallows.

Classic Hot Toddy

Why not whisk up a hot lemon and honey drink with a shot of whiskey? It's apparently great for sore throats! Selfridges has a superb range of fine whiskies to sample.

Bailey's Hot Chocolate

Gently simmer together grated dark chocolate and milk to form a smooth drink, add a shot of Bailey's and top with a little-whipped cream for complete indulgence.

Mexican Hot Chocolate with a Twist

Make up a Mexican hot chocolate mix with boiled water and a ready-prepared blend of bitter chocolate and spices. Add some chocolate bitters and a dash of mezcal. Serve neat and strong! M&S sells authentic Mexican hot choc.

Buttered Rum and Pumpkin Hot Toddy

Blend up butter, sugar and pumpkin pie spice with some pumpkin puree, add a shot of rum and then finally pour over boiling water before nursing in a glass mug. Delicious!

Chai Tea with Bourbon and Maple Syrup

Make up a hot Chai tea, add bourbon, maple syrup and hot milk to finish. You can find authentic chai tea blends at Waitrose.

Cranberry Martini

Make a simple syrup with sugar, water and cranberries. Warm and strain before adding a shot of vodka to serve.

Hot Cider with Spices

Warm up a mug of cider with cinnamon and cloves for a delicious warming winter drink.

Mulled Wine with Brandy

Ring the changes and served mulled wine with brandy, star anise and cinnamon sticks. Get a quality bottle of red from Majestic Wines.

Hot Gin Toddy

Combine gin, lemon, sugar and hot water for an aromatic botanical winter drink. See some superb gins at Harvey Nichols.

Festive Sangria

Warm up some white wine with chopped fruit and an equal measure of fruit juice for a fun and sociable drink. Get your ingredients at Ocado for next-day delivery!

Sizzling Red Punch with Bourbon and Beer Combine beer, bourbon, lime, cranberry juice and fresh cranberries with a mixed spice syrup for a tangy punch that's ideal for a party.

Which winter drinks will inspire you to warm up your evening?

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