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The Calvin Klein brand was founded by Calvin Klein in the late 1960s for just $10,000. It began in New York City as a coat shop. The brand’s first collection featured in Bonwit Teller, a store in New York City and was described as a range of ‘understated and youthful’ dresses and coats. By the early 1970s Calvin Klein had branched out into classic blazers, sportswear, women’s wear and lingerie.

One of the pioneers of jeans and the ‘all-American’ style, Calvin Klein was often referred to as ‘Calvin the Conqueror’ and Time magazine featured the icon as one of 25 most influential people in America. Although there has sometimes been controversy surrounding some of their advertising campaigns, the brand has also been the recipient of many fashion industry awards, such as America’s Best Designer of 1993. In line with the new internet era, 2004 saw the Calvin Klein company purchase the two letter domain name

Today Calvin Klein is in its 33rd year as a fragrance designer and remain firmly ahead of the competition. The very first Calvin Klein aftershave was launched in 1981 and was immediately a success. The aftershave was popular among its target audience for the nine years, before being taken off the market. Since this time Calvin Klein has developed a range of nine hugely successful lines, all of which have been designed with careful thought to their target audience. Many of their earlier fragrances are still on sale today, testimony to their popularity and timelessness.

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Calvin Klein Ck One Eau de Toilette Spray (200 ml)


Calvin Klein released the highly successful CK One in 1994. This simple, yet sexy fragrance is understated and sensual, perfectly reflecting the Calvin Klein brand. Aimed at both men and women the aromatic fragrance features top notes of citrus, papaya, pineapple, mandarin and cardamon. Rose, lily of the valley, jasmine, orris root, violet and nutmeg form the dreamy heart notes. And for the luxurious base, oak moss, musk, cedar, sandalwood and amber. The rich blend of different textures and aromas makes for a surprisingly fresh fragrance – clean, warm and relaxed. Compare Prices >>



Calvin Klein Crave Eau de Toilette Spray for Men (75ml)


Calvin Klein Crave Eau de Toilette Spray for Men is a perfect blend of sweet and spicy aromas. Since its launch in 2002 it has become one of the brand’s most popular scents and is the ideal men’s fragrance for day wear.

The heady base notes of nutmeg, oak moss, musk, sandalwood, birch and vetiver give Crave by Calvin Klein deep woody undertones. Middle notes of aromatic pimento, basil and coriander add herbal vibrancy while the touch of bergamot gives a lively and sweet finish. With eye-catching packaging and a unique fresh scent, Crave is a firm favourite. Compare Prices >>


Calvin Klein Contradiction Eau de Toilette Spray for Men (100 ml)


Well known for its classic fine fragrances, Calvin Klein launched Contradiction for Men in 1998, and it is as popular today as it was then. Exuding raw manliness, the exciting woody fragrance is perfect for any occasion and can be worn in the day or the evening. The eau de toilette blends amber and spices with notes of sandalwood, nutmeg and zesty lime.

Contradiction is presented in a unique square bottle, most of which is covered by the cap. Reflecting a man on the edge, the hard brushed-metal lid represents masculinity, while the delicate glass suggests a suppressed yet sexy vulnerability. Compare Prices >>


Calvin Klein Obsession for Men Eau de Toilette Spray (125ml)


A popular, powerful classic, Calvin Klein Obsession Eau de Toilette for Men, exudes masculinity. Created by the design house of Calvin Klein, Obsession is a provocative fragrance that is designed to revoke a passionate response.

This scent perfectly sums up the essence of masculinity and its compelling blend of rare woods, botanics and spices work beautifully together. Hints of bergamot and amber are also in evidence, as are notes of sage, myrrh and musk. Obsession for Men is packaged in a stylish and simple glass bottle with a brown hue, and this fragrance not only looks gorgeous, it smells incredible too. Compare Prices >>


Calvin Klein Euphoria for Men Eau de Toilette Spray (100ml)


The Calvin Klein name signifies the quality of a fragrance, and the scent of Euphoria makes it easy to understand why. This is a seductive perfume that oozes class, making it ideal for even the most sophisticated of occasions.

Euphoria boasts a heady mix of Japanese apple, green leaves, rose hip and black orchid, along with tantalising notes of lotus, amber, black violets and red woods. This is a floral fragrance that is as tempting as a freshly ripe apple or a just-opened bud. It will not be outshone in any company and will make you feel as special as you deserve to feel. Compare Prices >>

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men Eau de Toilette Spray (100ml)


Calvin Klein’s Eternity for Him Eau de Toilette is a classic fragrance that’s just as popular today as it was when it launched in 1990. The masculine clear glass square bottle capped with a stylish silver top and the signature Calvin Klein logo emblazoned across the front are instantly recognisable and exude the style and sophistication of this brand.

Eternity for Him is a refreshing masculine fragrance that features top notes of Lemon and Lavender, middle notes of Geranium and Lily and base notes of Brazilian Rosewood, musk and Amber. This fragrance is subtle yet distinctive and remains a firm favourite with men across the globe. Compare Prices >>