Best Lego City Arctic Sets & Figures

Out in the wild and untamed ice landscape of the arctic, Lego explorers look into the adventures held by the sea, the ice and the cold. Of course, for your arctic expeditions, you will need all the best equipment to allow you to fully explore the area.

When it comes to vehicles, you will need the most hardy and tough ones of all. From snowmobiles to helicopters, from lorries to ships and all that goes along with them. In the cold weather though, the latest technology is not always best. Sometimes we must revert to the ways of old and head out to explore with a sled and man’s faithful best friend. Of course, when it comes to the Lego figures, there is a very special person who must always be present in such a cold, snowy and festive environment.

If you get into trouble, you can call up for air assistance from the helicopter who will set out to rescue you and take you back to base camp. The scientists researching the environment will need your help, both when it comes to gathering evidence and analysing it back at the research laboratory.

What with all the excitement of the arctic base and all your adventures, it is easy to forget that this is a dangerous environment. Not only will the cold get you if you stay out in it too long, but there are dangerous predators out in the winter wilderness, look out for hungry polar bears.

Must-Have Lego City Arctic Sets & Figures

Lego City: Arctic Snowmobile (60032)


Plough through snowdrifts and conquer the hostile Arctic with the Lego City Arctic Snowmobile. With a detachable sled for bringing home the spoils of the expedition, this snowmobile is the perfect gift for creative kids with an adventurous streak.

A snowmobile is nothing without a daring driver, and the Lego City Arctic Snowmobile is piloted by an Arctic Explorer mini-figure. It comes with a mysterious crystal in a block of translucent ice and a pickaxe to help the explorer break in and recover this treasure. A detachable sled lets the snowmobile tow the discovery home, while the explorer lets his camp know about it with the walkie-talkie accessory. Compare Prices >>

Lego City: Arctic Ice Crawler (60033)


The Arctic Ice Crawler is strong and powerful enough to tackle any mission to frozen lands. With its lights, radar and antenna it can sniff out important icy finds, that can be safely lifted onto the back of the vehicle with the help of the mighty rotating crane.

For tons of action-packed adventure, you’ll get an Arctic Ice Crawler with cabin, lights, radar, antenna, rotating crane with hook, and heavy-duty rubber tracks. The explorer minifigure comes with accessories to keep in contact with base camp. There is also an ice block, crystal, circular saw and pickaxe that is included in this fun-filled set. Compare Prices >>

Lego City: Arctic Helicrane (60034)


The arctic explorer is on a mission to a frozen wilderness to unearth the secrets of the mysterious ice block. When the ice block has been found, the explorer can radio to base, to call in the amazing Helicrane. Its powerful winch can lift the ice block and take it away for further investigation.

For tons of action-packed arctic adventure, you’ll get pilot and explorer minifigures and accessories such as snowshoes, walkie-talkie, scanner and ice axe. The husky sled comes with four huskies, a camera, radar screen, crate, light, ice block and a crystal element. The Helicrane has spinning rotors, a cockpit, winch function and a container. Compare Prices >>


Lego City: Arctic Outpost (60035)


Explore the frozen wastelands of the Arctic with the mobile Lego City: Arctic Outpost. Drive the powerful all-terrain truck across the ice and use the truck’s tool box to cut through a mysterious block of ice. Open the impressive mobile laboratory so that the three Lego explorers can study ice crystals from the block with their microscope and computer screens. Drag the block of ice back to the mobile outpost using the truck’s chain and then lift it with the crane into the outpost’s laboratory for further analysis.

The set includes a truck, mobile laboratory, three explorers, tool box, assorted tools and ice block. Compare Prices >>

Lego City: Arctic Base Camp (60036)


Explore the frozen world of the Arctic with the Lego City Arctic Base Camp. Take a snow scooter or sledge drawn by four huskies to cross the ice and investigate unknown frozen landscapes with your exploration vehicle. Call for back-up from the helicopter and use its winch and net to carry ice blocks to base for analysis in the laboratory. Help the scientists to study ice crystals with computers, microscope and magnifying glass or fish though a hole in the ice. But beware of the dangerous polar bear that lurks near to the camp!

This set includes seven minifigures, assorted vehicles, accessories and a laboratory. Compare Prices >>


Lego City: Advent Calendar (60063)


Make your Christmas countdown extra-special with the Lego City Advent Calendar. Far more than a simple advent calendar, this is a building adventure, full of festive fun. Seven mini-figures are included.

Help the little boy to post his letter to Father Christmas, then it’s off to play in the snow and build a snowman. How about some ice skating, sledging and a browse around the Christmas market? There is so much fun to be had every day as new pieces and figures are added to the Christmas scene. On Christmas day the presents are around the tree, and it’s time to celebrate with a special feast. Compare Prices >>

Lego City: Arctic Supply Plane (60064)


The explorers need essential supplies! The high-visibility orange Arctic Icebreaker powers through the cold waters to deliver them. Includes 7 mini-figures.

It’s time to drop the anchor and get the cargo to shore. Use the helicopter to winch the containers. The snow scooter will transport you to the base camp. The explorers are carrying out important research and have lots of useful tools to help them cope in the harsh environment, including a computer, a microscope, a pylon and an antenna. The huskies pull the sledge on expeditions to collect samples for analysis, led by the snow plough. Watch out for the polar bear! Compare Prices >>